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Snoop Lion – Torn Apart ft. Rita Ora (Clip et paroles)

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Un nouveau clip de M. Snoop Dogg Lion vient d’apparaître, Torn apart avec la chanteuse Rita Ora en feat ! S’il faut donner notre avis sur le nouvel album Reincarnation et la nouvelle direction artistique de ce premier, ça serait assez positif.

Les paroles de Torn apart via Rap Genius:

[Verse 1: Rita Ora]
I heard him speak but then I saw his face
I knew he was the one because I dreamt this day
I was such a beginner on this thing called love
And now he’s going away and now I’m torn apart, so torn apart

You’re one of them (hey)
You see me sweat (hey)
You pullin’ triggers let you sweat another day (hey)

Say goodbye to the one that got away
Snoop Lion - Torn apart ft Rita Ora
[Verse 2: Snoop Lion]
Her lips were the very first thing that I saw
She flew like an angel and that made me want her more (want her more)
My reputation says I’m there for love
And now she’s going away and now I’m so torn apart
So torn apart


[Verse 3: Snoop Lion & Rita Ora]
Never let you get away
Shouldn’ta let you got away
Get away, got a way
Gotta find another way
Never let ‘em get away
Gotta find a way to stay
Never let ‘em get away
Never let ‘em get away
You never let her go
You never let her go

Torn apart de Snoop Lion et Rita Ora

It feels right
You see me?
You hear me? (Yep)

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