WTF?! “Trayvoning” Is The New Planking?!

C’est même pas imaginable… quelle horreur !

The Urban Daily

Man laying on ground with Arizona tea and skittlesRemember that stupid trend that was circling the internet recently called “planking,” where people would lay out in various locations with their heads down and take a photo. People would try so hard to beat the next person, they’d find themselves planking in dangerous places and some people even lost their lives. The latest craze that follows behind planking, is…I don’t even want to type this…”Trayvoning.” There’s even a Facebook page for it.

Yes, you read that right. And it is exactly what you think it would be–people in hoodies, laid out as if they were dead with an Arizona canned tea and pack of Skittles nearby–the same items Trayvon Martin purchased from the store moments before George Zimmerman shot him to death. These were the same items found near his body at the crime scene. Sickening!

What is happening in our world that people think that this…

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